Stress & anxiety & depression counselling

Lifeline provides counselling services and spread the awareness about mental health problems and its cure to the individuals, families and institutions. The organization is being led by an experienced visionary and counsellor who has the experience of 12 years in the domain .
Stress, anxiety and depression are the normal part of the life and affect every individual at some stage in life. Anxiety is a normal part of existence and is often, a response to the stressful situation. However, in worse cases, the anxiety may lead to the panic attack. A person should understand that when anxiety has started affecting the personal life and professional goals, then the person must take the professional help.

The symptoms of the anxiety range from avoidance of uncomfortable situation, recurring of anxious thoughts, sleep problems, feeling of fear, lack of concentration or inability to concentrate, feeling of restlessness, to swallow breathing, trembling and butterflies. The reasons for anxiety can be the combination of various factors, such as long-term relationship issues, financial stress, health concerns and any concern that over the time reduce the ability of the individual to cope with it. The counselling services for Stress & anxiety & depression counselling in Delhi are based on the proven techniques that help the client to manage and overcome the anxiety.
Stress is more common than anxiety and it comes without even our realization that we are under stress. It is part of the modern busy life where deadlines and goal chasing have become part of the work. It is important that the person facing the situation recognizes the warning signals and seeks the Stress & anxiety & depression counselling in Delhi for early and easy solutions.
Similarly, the depression state should not be allowed to last longer. The low feeling or lack of interest in things which were once considered very interesting, feeling of tiredness, low motivation, avoiding social interaction, are some of the typical symptoms of the depression. It can be fatal than stress or anxiety, as it can have an adverse impact on the personal, professional and married life of any person. It is some worse cases leads to suicidal thoughts.

The services of the stress & anxiety & depression counseling include :-
« Counselling on the proven techniques,
« Privacy to clients during counselling, and
« Assurance that no part of the information or discussion with the client will be leaked to the third party.