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Stress & Anxiety & Depression counselling

Financial pressures, peer pressure, pressure by Boss and seniors bring shess and anxiety in our life. Wife and husband not able to communicate to each other go through shess & anxiety. Shess and anxiety gives suffering to mental health, physical health.
Counselling substitutes harmful medicines which are addicting sleeplessness can be cured with counselling children, teenagers, students with counselling can come out of stress and anxiety happiness, progress enthusiasm, achievements, ambitions, goals, desires are your rights.
Relaxed, peaceful calm, serene life can be achieved with appropriate counselling which LIFELINE offers business man, business women, working people, politicians; students at LIFELINE get a new life. Suicidal tendencies and suicidal problems can be solved. Leave all the worries and problems and give life a golden chance. Come out of depression with our help.

Child & Teenage counselling

Fresh happy minds have to be guided to make their life. In today world studies, academics, sports, extracurricular cavities Debates, Competition bide and confuse young minds. Proper experienced counselling, guidance and progress in future. Excellent programs clear their vision and goals.
Teenagers are suddenly exposed to hormonal changes, new horigins, surprising different luring and tempting advertisements. Teenagers need to be understood, dealt with patience. Girls dealing with menstruation need counselling. These are personal torsions which reaching puberty, boys and girls require counselling to be free from personal tensions.
Children and teenagers with counselling are brought near together parents and teachers, blessing and communication counselling at LIFELINNE helps the transition between youth and adult hood which can be over whelming for those who may face new experiences, challenges, pressures. Depression and aggriveness.

Career counselling

These are architects, Fashion Designers, marketing Executive, Doctors, Engineers, Interior Decorators, Shopkeepers, School teachers. Every individual has own separate personal dreams, desires and objectives. Starting is from 10th class and specific subjects are chosen. Then comes 12th class when respective collages are chosen.
We are refusing to this as basic education. Now comes the counselling part if timely heart to heart session happens timely decisions taken according to peer pressure and financial satiation can be revised according to own heart, desires, ambitions and goals.
It is possible to achieve everything with right and appropriate guidance. Optimism & positive thinking takes you to fulfillment of your desires. Even when in current business or on current job, mind life change of career can take place. New oppurtuerities are waiting for you.

Marriage counselling

: ( 1) Marriage counselling for single (2) Marriage counselling for happy parterres (3) Marriage counselling for partners not happy With each other (4) Counselling for partners healing for divorce (5) Counselling for separated pastiness with Children ‘ (6) Counselling for separated partners. _
When two people come together, they have various hopes and expectations from each other. Two new families and at times two cultures are blooming together. With counselling we take you to new heights and miracles which make yourjourney more thrilling and happy. If required we help respective family member also.
Regarding when some cob fusion and. complexities arise in life partners, we are here to help. With counselling we make matters more clear and take a mutual, cordial, peaceful approach.
At times in separated parents children are involved and a mutual plat form is not being achieved. So here with counselling of both separated parents (join session or separate session) we bring out cordial solutions. Here if required we do counselling of children also to help them deal with the situation.

Health counselling

Good diet and nutrition makes your life accomplished. Timely nourishment and good habits take you a long way. Sometimes we have all the resources and assets but we are not serious towards or are unable to take good care of our health. Surya Pranam and various exercises helps us to achieve well being. Good health is a state of physical, mental and social well being. Good health helps us live a full life. LIFELINE and Mrs. Chandwani helps you to handle stress and live a long and active life. We help you not only recover from disease, but bounce back from illness and other problems. Factors for good health include genetics, the environment, relationships and education. Good health at LIFELINE means a positive concept emphasizing social and personal resources, as well as physical capacities.

Motivational coach

Welcome friends in the world of success, progress, affluence, flourishment. We aim to give you insight and motivation for you to achieve more success. We focus on your personality development and grooming to take your further to success at whatever your workplace. Wow so Bingo good news is that LIFELINE is the golden armor, the light in darkness you were looking for: '3' Improve your business 6' Improve your life '3' Improve your relations ‘2’ Move to betterjob ’3 Progress in your present job

Future fortune counselling

Get the guidance on the possibilities and pitfalls in the future and how to grasp them or avoid them for a better life.

Counselling on phone

The counselling on phone helps a student or professional discuss the confidential career matters whenever the need arises , without the need to come to my office . the confidential talk helps our clients to discuss issues in candour and make wise decision .