Child and Teenage Counselling in Delhi

Lifeline provides counselling services involving proven techniques by the experienced counsellor with more than 12 years of experience in the domain. The services help individuals, families, and organization to help employees realize the full potential by getting the simpler and effective cure without the use of drugs and medicines.
The Child & teenage counselling in Delhi NCR helps young and teenagers to explore and deal with any concern that may be affecting their social, personal, emotional or academic life and adversely affecting their cognitive development. The counselling by the experienced counsellor helps children and teens to express their feelings, confused thinking and concerns in a safe environment.

The children and teenager face dramatic physical, emotional and psychological changes during the period. This can lead to several thoughts, confusions, and concern in them, which they are not able to express clearly to parents. They may not be aware of the issues confronting them. The younger children are not articulate enough to express their feelings and problems.
The services of the experienced child & teenage counsellor in Delhiwill help them to understand the issues and manage them. The experience of the counsellor will also help them to give words to their feeling, which leads to better understanding of the issues and eventually simple solutions.

The counselling services from child & teenage counsellor help children and teenager to deal with
« Anxiety,
« Bed wetting,
« Behavioral problems,
« Academic issues,
« Emotional problems,
« Bullying,
« Anger management,
« Coping with strain relations between couples,
« Divorce and separation of parents, and
« School life issues,

The teenagers face several new developments affecting their physical, mental and emotional self. They also have to deal with sexual development, which are taking place in their bodies. The counselling sessions for thechild & teenage counselling in Delhi NCRalso helps them to understand the sexual developments that are taking place and deal with them normally. The counselling sessions are held in a highly relaxing and soothing environment at the clinic of the counsellor. The sessions encourage children and teenagers to talk about their feelings, issues and problems without any hesitation. The supportive environment encourages them to express themselves without the fear of being judged.
It is up to parents to help their children and teenagers with the counselling sessions so that they can deal with manageable issues in life and move forward. The counselling sessions will help children and teenagers to feel secure, confident and comfortable with them.