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Mrs honey Alka Chandwani ,owner of the LIFELINE is a visionary and counsellor with experience of 12 years .
Experience and achievement have made me reach here , this bay of success and I want to have the opportunity to enlighten your lives further . No matter ,what is troubling you , get the help & support , you need , right here , right now . Get my help , get better . Your success is my vision and my mission . We at LIFELINE are passionate about enriching lives . we provide healing , meditation , counselling services
The organisation has a mission to make every citizen of India aware of Mental Health problems and its cure by 2020. The LIFELINE also delivers seminars, workshops, corporate trainings, Trainings at public sectors units for their employees ,shows on counselling for general public, Mental wellness workshops, Life skills sessions and Leadership coaching.

Director in LIFELINE

Stress and psychological counselling services are provided by the Mrs Honey Alka Chandwani in Rajouri Garden. new delhi ,india.

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Stress & Anxiety & Depression counselling

Financial pressures, peer pressure, pressure by Boss and seniors bring shess and anxiety in our life. Wife and husband not able to communicate to each other go through shess & anxiety....

Child & Teenage counselling

Fresh happy minds have to be guided to make their life. In today world studies, academics, sports, extracurricular activities Debates, Competition bide and confuse young minds. Proper experienced counselling, guidance and progress in future...

Career counselling

These are architects, Fashion Designers, marketing Executive, Doctors, Engineers, Interior Decorators, Shopkeepers, School teachers. Every individual has own separate personal dreams, desires and objectives. Starting is from 10th class and specific ....

Counselling on phone

The counselling on phone helps a student or professional discuss the confidential career matters whenever the need arises , without the need to come to my office . the confidential talk helps our clients to discuss issues in candour and make wise decision .

Marriage counselling

When two people come together, they have various hopes and expectationsfrom each other. Two new families and at times two cultures are blooming together. With counselling we take you to ...

Health counselling

Good diet and nutrition makes you enjoy the every aspect of the life . Timely nourishment and good habits take you a long way. Sometimes we have all the resources and assets but we are not serious towards or are ....

Future fortune counselling

Get the guidance on the possibilities and pitfalls in the future and how to grasp them or avoid them for a better life. Make money, have abundance of material and spiritual prosperity and , flourish more.